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Our company is a manufacturer of organic and organomineral fertilizers with a capacity of up to 1 million tons per year. Biogumus is an environmentally friendly fertilizer, a product of processing organic waste by a technological worm population or microorganisms.

Dear partners and potential customers, please note that we work with any country in the world. Our partner company, which is registered on the mainland of Russia in Moscow, is working with countries that have adopted sanctions against the Crimea. Goods are loaded on ships in the ports of Taganrog, Azov or Novorossiyk on FOB terms.

Do not deprive yourself of the opportunity to purchase high-quality organic fertilizers.

This universal concentrated fertilizer contains a balanced combination of essential nutrients and trace elements, enzymes, soil antibiotics, vitamins, plant growth and development hormones. It has a large number of humic substances. Biogumus is a unique microbiological fertilizer in which a useful community of soil microorganisms that creates fertility of lands lives. Biogumus does not contain pathogenic microflora and helminth eggs.

Our product is necessary for organic farming, for those who plan to work under the law on organic products.

Biogumus Fraction from 0 to 2 mm
Efficiency of biogumus
- Biogumus quickly restores the natural fertility of the soil, improves its structure and health;
- Biogumus does not possess inertness of action: plants and seeds immediately react to it;
- Biogumus reduces the germination of seeds, accelerates the growth and flowering of plants, shortens the maturation of fruits for two to three weeks;
- Biogumus provides strong immunity in plants, increasing their resistance to stressful situations, unfavorable weather conditions, bacterial and putrefactive diseases;
- Biogumus provides a high survival rate of seedlings and seedlings, optimal growth of flowers, their intense and prolonged flowering;
- Biogumus significantly increases the yield and improves the taste of the cultivated products;
- Biogumus binds heavy metals and radionuclides in the soil, prevents plants from accumulating nitrates;
- Biogumus provides a stable high ecologically pure harvest.
Biogumus properties
Biogumus is a black friable and pleasantly smelling soil-like mass, similar to chernozem. Since biogumus contains a large amount (up to 32% by dry weight) of humic substances - humic acids, fulvic acids and humic acids - this gives this organic fertilizer high agrochemical and growth-stimulating properties. All nutrients are in it in a balanced combination and in the form of bioavailable to the plant compounds. Biogumus does not contain pathogenic microorganisms, helminth eggs, weed seeds and heavy metals. Moreover, it contains a unique community of microorganisms useful for soil and plants that, when introducing biogumus into the soil, colonize it, secrete phytohormones, antibiotics, fungicidal and bactericidal compounds, which leads to the displacement of pathogenic microflora. This all, in the long run, heals the soil and eliminates many widespread plant diseases.

We invite managers to distribute our products
We pay up to 10% depending on the volume of sales. We provide all necessary information.
Consumers of our products
- boarding houses, sanatoriums, rest houses;
- plant nurseries;
- sellers of fertilizers;
- owners of country and garden plots;
- lovers of indoor plants;
- owners of country cottages;
- hothouse and flower farms;
- vegetable farms;
- companies engaged in landscape design;
- city management on gardening, stadiums;
- agricultural enterprises;
- manufacturers of soil mixtures;
- pharmaceutical companies
We offer a solution for manure utilization on farms of cattle and other animals
Our company solves the tasks of land and sewage treatment. We are ready to process fresh manure: cow, horse, rabbit, sheep, goat, poultry up to 10,000 tons per year in environmentally friendly fertilizers.
We also disinfect the birds and any animals, which allows us to reduce the incidence and disease, increase weight gain and egg production.
At interest - please tell us your opportunities in terms of volumes.
Product prices

Biogumus dried and sifted

- 1 liter - 30-70 centes.
- Package polyethylene 5 liters - 2-2,5 USD depending on the volume of the order
- Bag of polypropylene 80 liters - 25-35 USD depending on the volume of the order
- Biogumus on microorganisms (bird litter, manure cattle) 150-200 USD per ton. Cheaper than peat, but much more effective and nutritious.

We produce loose and granular fertilizers.

Biogumus raw unprosed

- Bag of polypropylene 80 liters - 13-16 USD depending on the volume of the order

We will order any soil mixtures with biogumus content

With peat, earth, sawdust and other components. We can make packages of any size with your sticker.

In bulk, from 100 to 10 thousand tons per month. Price from 250 USD FOB Novorossiysk or CIF to any port with surcharge of shipping and insurance. Payment irrevocable confirmed letter of credit up to 3 months.
For fertilizers based on bird litters, we can give the following parameters: N: 2-4%, P: 2-4%, K: 2-4%, mass fraction of organic matter 50-70%.


Biogel is a mixture of liquid form of biogumus and hydrogel. It is used for transportation, planting seedlings, bushes and trees, transplanting and fertilizing plants. Well retains moisture and nutrients on the roots.

Liquid concentrated biogumus

- 5-6 liters (for 50-60 liters of water) - 3-5 USD
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